Friday, January 7, 2011

Silkscreen Sativa

Before I even started smoking pot, I worked a shitty retail job where ordinary scarves were being sold as “pashminas”.  Ever since that, I have always had a clear visual image of what a pashmina is, and the garment actually inspired the title for Puff Puff Pashmina. 
Puff Puff Pashminas
After learning a vast amount of new information and techniques for silk screening, Christopher Robin and I both agreed that by taking that class, he has gained the most valuable superpower. Using the toxic emission warnings from the side of a pack of cigarettes, Christopher Robin covered a bright yellow t-shirt with that design in black ink. Such a small font made entirely of letters and numbers, and the results are professional, yet easy.
Toxic emissions warning label
printed on paper as a test.

The possibilities and messages are endless when you have a great silkscreen connection. Luckily enough, Christopher Robin got along with Model Citizen’s owner, and silkscreen teacher. After the class, the teacher gave Christopher Robin a gift. As soon as I met up with him for a session that night, I noticed the kind gift of a navy pashmina wrapped around Christopher Robin’s neck.

When a t-shirt is used as silent activism, a positive advancement is gained for the anti-prohibition movement. Without even knowing anything about Puff Puff Pashmina, Model Citizen’s owner will have a huge impact on all of our artivism projects. Anything that can be silkscreened can have a positive fact, symbol, or image about marijuana sends a strong message.  

Always look to the bright side of the sun,

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