Friday, January 14, 2011

Pot Culture: Style HIGHcon

There are many trends throughout history that inevitably repeat themselves, because fashion is ultimately a cycle. When an iconic decade like the 1960’s happens, imaginative artists and designers are bound to invent groundbreaking unique looks. Simple sophisticated mod shapes, body conscious silhouettes, black opaque tights and mini skirts, exaggerated chandelier earrings, and psychedelic drugs are all memorable elements of the time, made famous by the “youth quake”.

Experimenting with many highs, including pot and fashion, style HIGHcon Edie Sedgwick did a flawless job at being unforgettable in fashion history. Her bravery in comparison to others was noted, for she was no one but herself. 
As Andy Warhol's muse, Edie was always having
a blast, and forever will be remembered for it.
Gerard Malanga and Edie smoke up together in October 1966,”I’ve never seen her more beautiful. She puts on a pair of red leotards and a red tight cotton top. I weed out the seeds and twigs from the pot and fill one-eighth full Camel with the Acapulco Gold. We get extremely high. She tells me how she wanted to run away from the mad publicity for an entire year, how it all frightened her, how transparent it all was…” he describes in a trip report.
Pack that pipe with some Acapulco Gold
and channel your inner Edie!
Unfortunately, Edie lived a little too fast and died of a speed overdose. From a fashion perspective, I believe that drugs, the very thing that killed her, is also what kept her spirit alive.
Forty years after choosing Edie as her first model,
Betsey Johnson is still incredibly successful for
funky ready-to-wear collections.
Without her experimenting with drugs, would these fashion styles even exist for the sober world to wear? Betsey Johnson answers that question while describing Edie in this video:

Always look to the bright side of the sun,