Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cosmetic Ingredients and Cannabis

There is a general knowledge that hemp seed oil when used in cosmetics, does wonders for your appearance. Unsure of what exactly makes a significant difference in oils, I searched through Emperor Wears No Clothes but found zero on the topic.
Nothing defeats dry winter hands
quite like this Hempz moisturizer!
Looking for information from another source, I came across an article which describes the mineral-oil based cosmetics the majority of us are wearing now. They explain the cosmetics industry as:

Many people do not realize that the makeup and personal care products they apply to their face and body are petroleum based. When we use cosmetics containing mineral oil we are basically trying to revitalize our living bodies with dead material. This does not make sense.
Only oils from living plants: - live carbon sources - contain regenerative properties. So why is mineral oil in so many products? In a word: price.”

Basically, since prohibition or earlier, manufacturers still use products comprised of oils with ineffective ingredients and advertising  promising radiant results. Cosmetic companies had lucrative results, because they’ve convinced consumers that the only way for a product to work is to continue using it, especially if it never worked from the beginning.  

Hempz, a cosmetics and haircare company which is fully aware of the benefits of hemp describes their products as, “
HEMPZ creates naturally advanced professional hair and body care products designed for all types of hair and skin. Every product contains Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil which is one of nature's best sources of essential fatty acids with the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9 amino acids, perfectly balanced by nature to match the needs of the human body”. 

Potent leaf. Pure Beauty.
In other words, you’ll notice a difference in the quality and versatility of cosmetics made with hemp seed oil because:

  •         The non-greasy formula absorbs fast yet moisturizes quicker than any other product
  •        Extremely gentle and non-irritating on sensitive skin
  •   Hemp seed oil is a perfect ingredient for a variety of cosmetics: lipsticks, lip balms, nail treatments, after-sun products, powders, liquid makeup, massage oils and glossy hair conditioners that strengthen or prevent splitting and thinning, just to name a few.
Hempz Sun Care: The effects go straight to your tan
Wouldn’t you much rather spend a little bit more money on a product that actually works than on a product you tested solely based on advertisements? Try Hempz products, with four different collections: Hempz Couture a salon hair care line, Hempz Herbal Extracts, and delicious flavours of lotions under Hempz treats. Hempz products are available at Toronto Hemp Company many other hemp seed oil cosmetics.

Know of any other hemp-based cosmetic companies, please feel free to share your information and reviews on favourite products!

Always look to the bright side of the sun,


  1. Yeah they sell Hempz at the headshop in Collingwood, I kinda want to try some of their products.

  2. Try them, you will very impressed! If you get a chance to test any other products, let me know how you liked the results.