Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Creates an Activist?

Today During The Mernahuana Show, Matt and I were discussing upcoming events in the Toronto pot community. Lots of focus on the TY Expo, which is in less than two weeks, and a sudden potential opportunity will allow me to be involved in the expo’s huge vapor lounge. Matt says people have been wondering why I am on the show, and I explained that I am creative. When I do get to decorate the lounge, I will be accomplishing a dream of mine: a weedy visual display. This is similar, but on a much larger scale. The Stash Box Barbie was another creative dream I accomplished by working every couple days on the costume for months. Even if others didn’t understand the concept, it is visual awareness in the most memorable form, a well executed homemade costume of a childhood classic. My dream is to be a creative activist, because it makes me happy.

Having fun and getting stoned is what we're all about! 
From this exact moment, in my province of Ontario, there is 
46 days, 13 hours, 1 minute, 12 seconds before 
marijuana is to become legal.  
What creates an activist? Within our community, being at the right place at the right time goes a long way. Meriam Webster’s dictionary describes Activism as a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. By opening my heart to doing as much as I could to learn more about cannabis, interesting changes started happening. It wasn’t until I read Emperor Wears No Clothes that I became so frustrated with how everything seems to be moving backwards. Criminals out of people involved in the healthiest and best resource on earth which is only harmful because of it's prohibition? As if. Matt Mernagh, my fellow productive pothead is changing history for us, and with the show, my Stash Box Barbie costume and rally participation, plus recently starting work at Clandestiny and Hot Box Café, I feel impressed with accomplished dreams. 

I am not a grower, a medible baker, or even licensed. As of yet, Until then, I am just a female stoner who has been chronic for a little over two years, and everyday I learn something amazing about cannabis, and something else which disgusts me about the drug war. How can you not support the truth?

As I grow like a planted seed, I will find my place within the cannabis community, because productive potheads make a difference!

Always look to the bright side of the sun, 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Friendly Stranger Style

Immediately after smoking a joint, I jump on the subway to head to Village Vapor Lounge. On my adventure, I run into this young fellow covered in stripes and sativa! Rarely do I chat with complete strangers, but this Crooks and Castles hoodie made me double take. This FS told me his dad purchased Emperor Wears No Clothes for him as a Christmas gift, and I gave him a Vancouver Seed Bank rolling tray as a token after I told him to continue fighting the good fight! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

2011 Global Marijuana March: Stash Box Barbie’s Big Weekend

Easily, this past weekend could have been one of the best in my life. After last year’s protest festivities at Toronto Freedom Festival and Global Marijuana March, I promised myself that I wanted to learn about activism against prohibition and help the people who ran these events. A few months later, I walked into Vapor Central alone for the first time, sat beside a complete stranger Madd Chronic, and explained how I was passionate to get involved. This weekend marks a period in my life where things have really come full circle.
This has been an incredible year, ever since I met
 Madd Chronic and discovered the importance of activism.   

My plan for Friday was to prepare for the march by finishing my Stash Box Barbie costume, packing up the Barbie bong, and pre-rolling doobies. When HotBox Café called me while I was canna-crafting fake bud, and wanted me to stop in that afternoon as their new hemployee, I knew it was only the beginning of a great weekend.
After the adventure around Kensington Market, I found myself baked wandering town. Lately, whenever I’m in in the crosshairs of boredom, I will flip a coin to choose my next destination. Immediately after this flip, I ran into Budd Cannabis and real-life hero Matt Mernagh who happened to be tokin’ with visitors from B.C like Jodie Emery, Dana Larsen, and Jeremiah Vandermeer.

Trust yourself and that coin will flip on the proper side, and eventually you’ll end up sitting beside your very own mentors. Too shy to say very much, I just let my smile communicate for me. These are people I really believe in, and potentially they could believe in me.

Chatting with Dana Larsen as he checks out the box.
Being on the inside, it's a little difficult trying to sesh with others!

May 7th starts very early at 6 a.m because I wanted to be a prepared soldier in this drug war with hot pink Bristol board armor, my threatening smile, and potent marijuana smoke. Butterfly is at my house for 11 a.m, and next thing I know I am inside my own personal hotbox unable to walk because of everyone wanting to snap my photo.
Bong Man, the perticular fellow who inspired me
to create my costume.

Dressing as Stash Box Barbie, my goal was to finish the entire march in my bud heels to make a loud statement regarding cannabis and prohibition. With the box, I was able to have 4 protest signs opposed to one, with “Believe in Hemp!”, “I’m not a criminal!”, and “Think outside the box” on each of the sides.
Posing with two heros of mine: Matt Mernagh and Cannabis. In less than 60 days, if the medical marijuana program doesn't significantly improve then marijuana will be legal in Ontario thanks to Merngah! 
Sunday afternoon, while at Vapor Central, I am reflecting on the historic outcome of the GMM. Just as I was hoping that I could have found the courage to ask for a picture with Jodie Emery, she walks in the door. The timing couldn't have been perfect, and I knew I had to take a toke, a deep breath and make my way on over to her table. In no time Jodie's passing me joints while Jeremiah is complimenting me on my unusual pill-popper barrette, and I am eating my munchies as if this is any normal sesh with stoner friends.  

Peace & Pot, let's end this drug war! 
This weekend I received more than a surreal smoke sesh on cloud nine with the Cannabis Culture crew. Realizing the lesson of trusting yourself and following your heart is the greatest high, even if it is illegal. 

Look to the bright side of the sun,