Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fashion Photographer Arrested for Possession

Jennifer Tzar was busted for 10lbs of pot after police investigated a large fire in her SoHo apartment. When the blaze took down 6 other apartments, police found green in plastic baggies and glass jars and charged her with first-degree criminal possession of marijuana. Immediately, I am wondering if any dope photos by Jennifer exist. If not, high-fashion stoner photography must happen before I die. 

Some of Tzar's photography:

A stoner interpretation could lead to a photo taken in a field of hemp...
 ...Could she be holding a spliff?
In the film Grandma's Boy, the characters smoke weed potent enough to imagine they grew deer antlers. 
Did Lily Cole and Jennifer Tzar toke something similar together?

Always look to the bright side of the sun, 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Je Suis High

Whenever I see someone wearing something relating to weed and fashion, I always make a point to chat with them. During a stroll, a friendly girl chases me down to get video shots of my outfit, just like how I chat to stoner strangers. 

She caught me on a Dark side of Oz meets Romy and Michelle style day. Catch me On Je Suis TV's summer street style video at 1:38 minutes in! 


Jodie's Anniversary Gift

During the GMM weekend I got to hangout with Jodie Emery. Sitting beside her, unsure of how to introduce myself, I told her about my favourite blog post instead. Back in March, Marc sent Jodie another purse which was made from chip bags folded by fellow inmates. When I told her that I posted pictures of it, she said because Marc was being transfered, the new prison would have access to the equipment for making leather goods.  

Finally we get to see the results of what leather pieces the inmates have created. 

As an anniversary gift, Jodie received this hash coloured handbag:

... and matching wallet.

Details on the front of the handbag read, "Jodie <3 Marc" and the date of their wedding anniversary. 

This creative gift is absolutely amazing! Even more so, these accessories are now pieces of cannabis prohibition history.

Always look to the bright side of the sun,