Sunday, January 9, 2011


Stuck in a brainstorm of successful highdeas, I remembered an article I read about a new concept hair salon in Toronto, Lightheaded. The idea stayed with me, because I was curious about the outcome of it. In NOW magazine months ago, the owner of Lightheaded explains that you pay $30 to use her vaporizer, and she’ll cut your hair while you enjoy the effects of marijuana. 

Valcano Vaporizer: a little robot does
a great job at getting me baked daily.
Can't help but note the Louis Vuitton
monogram "inspired" background.
Googling the salon lead me to their facebook page, which wall comment’s praising the salon end in mid August. Even their blog, with really impressive “before and after” photography stops all updates in September.
Before and after shots.
This is actually a fellow
I knew from school!
Although a hairstyle isn’t exactly fashion, it is apart of your entire look you put together for yourself. Getting your hair done is a relaxing experience, a form of self-renewal. When I first read the article, I thought Lightheaded was charging $30 for clients to use the vape, which is well overpriced. It’s a brilliant idea I would love to eventually try, and I hope they haven’t been able to blog lately, for they are too busy with stoner clients.

My other successful suggestion is to toke up at home or The Lounge, and then go see the hairdresser. Last time I did this, my hairdresser thought that getting dreads would be a really great style for me.

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  1. Whatever you do, KEEP THE BRAID. Please.