Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mountains of the Moon

As we really begin brainstorming screen designs for t-shirts, Christopher Robin and I plan out all the fine details. A certain element of our designs involves contrasting materials, and I suggested using hemp fabrics. Christopher Robin reminded me that hemp isn’t available in the bright hues we esthetically want. My defense about using hemp was that prohibition actually stunted the growth in any real innovation for hemp fabrics, thus making them undesirable in comparison to other materials.

Understand that hemp would be the most sensible form of fabric, and only prohibition has decreased the availability and increased the costs. Before reading The Emperor Wears No Clothes, I didn’t fully comprehend how resourceful and sustainable of a plant hemp is, and supporting and wearing hemp clothing is important. My newfound admiration of hemp as a textile has ignited an entire new research topic that I have never personally explored.
A screen shot of a quote from Calvin Klein
  from the film
Emperor of Hemp

One of the only stylish hemp-friendly clothing companies I was able to find online, Mountains of the Moon is a clothing company based out of Chicago with a main focus on style and sustainability. Their site has an entire page dedicated to sustainability, which they describe as, “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Using iconic muses throughout pop culture history as inspiration and different hemp blends, they achieve their very own goal. 

What an incredibly
warm colour story.
This company’s enthusiasm for hemp is fully appreciated, for they explain that, “Hemp is the ultimate eco-friendly fiber.  Hemp fabric is one of the longest-lasting and most resilient fabrics, becomes softer with time without breaking down, and grows well naturally without the need for pesticides.”
The Edie Dress
The Audrey Dress
Can’t you just see Jodie Emery doing a speech in The Audrey Dress already? From The Jodie Emery Show on Cannabis Culture, it looks like we both dig wearing berets. Mountains of the Moon should definitely start making hemp berets for us!


  1. I love you ideas and can't wait to see you wearing a hemp beret.

  2. the Edie dress is snazzy.

    "Prohibition actually stunted the growth in any real innovation for hemp fabrics, thus making them undesirable in comparison to other materials.": it is unfortunate fashion takes the back-burner to prohibition...Harry Anslinger was so not chic.