Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get Conscious

The majority of the most fashionable hemp pieces are hemp blends. It’s truly a magic fabric, because it’s easy to manipulate the material’s appearance, yet all the benefits are still guaranteed. Fed up with only finding garments of burlap-sack looking hemp, I was very excited to find Get Conscious

As an eco-friendly company focusing on hemp bridal wear, they offer a variety of unexpected hemp blends in their fabric including:
hemp/silk blend, a hemp/silk floral jacquard, hemp/silk satin, and a hemp/tencel blend are all available. 

Get Conscious women's and men's formal apparel.
Even if you personally wouldn't wear any of these particular styles, you must admit that you never would have guess what the fabric actually is. Hemp fashion is definitely growing through it's innovations, by allowing sustainable fashion to become more than a fad, and eventually leading us to a promising pot-filled future. 

Always look to the bright side of the sun,


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  2. Another thing to consider is, because of the durability, you actually could pass your wedding dress down to your daughters or granddaughters etc... Maybe start a whole new tradition!

  3. great point!! thought those outfits rocked some serious ass.