Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cher the Benefits of Cannabis

When Cher in the film Clueless puffs on a spliff at a party, I was baffled by my real-life Barbie’s drug use. A significant marijuana and fashion moment from my childhood, this only allowed my curiosity to grow. 
This chronic shit probably made their
eyes as red as their outfits!

At a party in The Valley, Travis the stoner classmate spills beer on Cher’s shoes, frustrated, she freaks out while trying to find paper towels: “Ugh! Ruin my satin shoes why don’t you! Excuse me, my shoes. This is so not fixable.” Overreacting to the situation, Travis restores the buzz by explaining to her that, “It’s a small price to pay to the party gods! I’ll make amends, how about some chronic shit?” Agreeing with the offer, Cher tells him that it’s the least he can do while he sparks up the joint. 

Alicia Silverstone, the iconic Cluessless actress, must have remembered acting in this delightful scene, for she is using hemp fabric in her new project. EcoTools and Alicia teamed up to create a collection of eco-friendly cosmetic brushes and cases which include: hemp cases lined with PET recycled plastic decorated with a floral print with non-toxic inks, bamboo brush handles, 100% cruelty-free taklon brush bristles, and all packaging is recycled.
Make-up brushes and cosmetic cases designed
by Alicia Silverstone and EcoTools.
Some “chronic shit”, cannabis, can be a lot more than just a container for your make-up brushes, it can also calm an addicted fashion fiend from having a total meltdown. 
Cher and Dion: Best Buds always wearing
anything but ordinary wardrobes.
Always look to the bright side of the sun, 

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