Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret Stiletto Stoners

From my own experience of chilling at The Lounge, even all the guys I sesh with discuss the unwanted  “sausage fest” environment. Finding female stoners in cannabis culture isn’t very often. When I found a video on youtube titled “Stiletto Stoners: Women Who Smoke Pot”, I was immediately intrigued for their positive fashion-weed opinions.

After watching the clip you’ll notice that ABC emphasizes the fact that before the very first interview begins, the stiletto stoner woman specifically asks for her identity to remain anonymous.  As soon as this is announced, it’s hard for me to take this segment seriously. Hiding the identity of this woman using voice-overs and shadows, it displays her as taking advantage of the benefits of marijuana, but isn’t willing to stand up for something she engages and believes in.
Mystery Marijuana Smoker
In another article I wrote about the Women’s Alliance for NORML and Pot Couture, I explained that, “When someone who is considered a positive influence openly smokes marijuana, then another false rumor against cannabis is proven wrong.”  Mystery marijuana smoker should take a clue from the women of NORML, because her own points validate that using marijuana on a daily basis does not have any negative impact on her life. 

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