Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ganja Party Pooper

 Style.com is the most extensive and up-to-date site for fashion news with the best images. While hitting some super silver haze and filling in on fashion info, I came across this article that describes Marc Jacobs’ latest runway show after-party. From the footage of his previous parties, aspects of it can get pretty wild, because Jacobs’ likes things “fucked up”. Details of this party include Lil’ Kim and Terry Richardson as celebrity guests, M.I.A as the DJ, and quite a few of the images from the party shows guests drinking champagne. This party couldn’t get any better, until the article’s author says, “…wafts of, dare we say, marijuana smoke in the air”. When Marc Jacobs’ doesn’t mind a sesh at his after party, then neither should the journalist.

Interesting party guests.

Selma Blair in polka dots.

Marc Jacobs and Lil' Kim

Coincidently, Style.com then posted a news article on a new study that proves, “alcohol is more harmful to users and to wider society than heroin or crack, and all three are far more harmful than cannabis, ecstasy, or magic mushrooms.” The study was classifying substances in categories such as: mental damage, contributions to crime, costs the economy, and harm to communities. Of course Alcohol scored as being the most harmful at 72, even compared to heroin at 55, crack at 54, and Miss Mary-Jane at 20.

Illegal or not, dare we say we would much rather smoke marijuana than drink alcohol ever again? 

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  1. Selma Blair is a true beauty, her father once taught at my high school.