Thursday, December 23, 2010


A negative stigma against marijuana and its effects already exists in North America. Despite all the factual information, tons of people have made up their minds: marijuana is harmful to users.
A silly vintage propaganda poster 
actually caused more harm with prohibition since 1937.
At work, a woman starts complaining to me that every fashionable knee-high boot doesn’t fit around her calves, because everything is only made for “super skinny girls”. Agreeing that the majority of boots don’t usually fit, I explained that fashion is a very shallow minded industry.

It took me years of learning about fashion to understand that there is way more innovations worth developing, yet the mindset is stuck on the stick thin model on the runway. Clearly held back by her own insecurities, the woman tried to argue with me, ”In fashion, if you are even a size 10 or 12, there is nothing for you.”
Gaultier's runway model.
It’s really pathetic when you witness individuals self-sabotaging themselves. In defense, I told the woman that for the entire time I’ve been in the fashion industry, up until this summer, I have been a size 10 or 12. Nothing about this industry held me back, because I understand that it takes unique people to achieve change and so few are willing to address these issues within the fashion world.

When the majority’s freedom is held back because of a state of mind, “thin models can only be fashionable”, then it’s a regression toward happiness, especially when we wear clothing everyday, and fashion affects self-esteem negatively. If you don’t agree with the way fashion feels, don’t let it control you and stand up against it: speak up!
Gaultier and I own matching Gossip t-shirts!
Beth Ditto is an obvious fashion inspiration for all. 
Everything about this discussion reminded me of prohibition.  Too many women believe they cannot express themselves through fashion, because they are not thin. It’s obviously not true, just like all the propaganda against pot.
I know I am in heaven when my eyes 
are as red as the devil's dick!
Prohibition involves the law, and the only way to reverse it is to vote. Similar to fashion, in prohibition you cannot expect change to happen unless you are willing to try yourself. Marijuana is still illegal, and it takes changing the law to legalize it. It’s clear that more people need to vote in favour of cannabis, but first we must change minds, before we can change laws.

Always look to the bright side of the sun,



  1. I wish marihuana had a weird orgy with every puff...

  2. I loved this post, especially considering the fact that my love affair with fashion was cut short when I had to work with a lot of close-minded, shallow people... I kind of started resenting the fashion industry as a whole because I didn't "fit" within it, or at least that's how I let people make me feel. Self image is such a huge issue with young women and I think it's interesting that you related it to prohibition. It's nice that your posts are actually thought-provoking and honest.