Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mary-Jacobs Ads

Anyone is the fashion world understands the amount of influence and power someone as successful as Marc Jacobs has. Emerging during the grunge period in New York and designing a collection in the style, Marc Jacobs was fired from Perry Ellis after his first runway show. Without being discouraged, Marc became extremely successful by creating his own brand, and becoming the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton in 1997.
The style aesthetic between all advertisements for Marc Jacobs is a similar dream-like, fair, delicate tone. Usually featuring a haunting pale model or popular celebrity and cohesive brand font, Marc has truly made an impression in the fashion world.

With this much credibility, I was impressed to find two pro-pot advertisements that fit in with Marc’s branding. One features busted up nugs of marijuana waiting to be rolled up into a blunt wrap, and the 
other is an actual dime bag with Marc Jacobs’ logo printed on it.  One can’t help but wonder what flavour of blunt he’d prefer to smoke.

Curious if this was a valid advertisement for the designer, I continued searching for any proof. Unfortunately, there isn’t any confirmation, but I will still give Jacobs the benefit of the doubt that he’s this cool of a guy. Either way, he’d probably still dig these Louis Vuitton monogram inspired “logo” bongs.

Always look to the bright side of the sun,

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  1. She looks like a candy cane.