Monday, December 20, 2010

High is the New Couture

Living in the stoner lifestyle, I made a secret goal for this trip: try and smoke ganja at least once. There isn’t ever a point where weed is necessary, but I do dig everything much more when I am high. To smoke even a little pinner in New York would be a challenge, because not a single family member on the trip smokes pot.

There have been a few significant times where I have convinced myself that poor choices were caused by being high on marijuana. This eventually led to the thought of taking a break, because marijuana was “negative”.  Considering people who don’t smoke weed still make bad decisions, we’re all responsible for our own choices. It’s silly to use a plant as an excuse as to why you haven’t been able to accomplish even the smallest goals. You prove yourself; don’t let false facts prove you.

Going to New York for the first time is really exciting for fashion fiends. Think of all the inspiration I could absorb while on vacation. When I returned to Canada, the smoke break would allow me to accomplish my goals. My expectations were to find really unusual styles that I haven’t seen in Canadian streets yet, like fucked up and still cool. Disappointed by the seldom style, I joked with my family that I hoped all the fashion geniuses were still sleeping from a night of hard partying. 

Just by coincidence, my aunt’s friend who moved to New York invited our family over for a party.  She hadn’t stayed in touch with him for over 20 years, but over the phone he told her that he worked for Vogue Magazine. My first thought was that he is probably the mailroom guy.

Always wearing sunglasses, I hope that
Anna Wintour is covering her red eyes!
Instead, I met a group of party guests who would change my life forever. Everyone at the party was involved in arts, fashion, or interior design, but had become successful in New York. When the host started talking about his boss Anna, I knew that he was referring to Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief. He is actually her tailor, and has been for over 15 years. Easily, she is one of the most influential people in fashion, and naturally my jaw dropped to the ground.

The host heard that I studied fashion, and brought me into his studio to show me certain pieces. Among Anna’s rejections, in an old light pink box, he pulled out an antique couture Christian Dior dress from 1957.  This is the ultimate fashion fantasy of playing dress-up in luxury couture.

Christian Dior 1957

Playing dress-up in the studio

One particular guest came to me like a ganja guardian angel when he lit up a spliff and passed it to me. With my family sitting around me, I accomplished my secret goal. I took a hit, and before exhaling asked him, “Isn’t fashion the best high?” He responded with, “Honey, High IS the new couture.” Feeling connected to this friendly stranger, I explained that I came to New York in search of some new inspiration.  Marijuana relaxed the guests into confessing that my style is so unique that I am my own inspiration, and that anything I can think, I can create. They told me I was wasting my time living in Canada, because New York City needs my aesthetic. 

The most expensive Chanel jacket I've ever seen,
modeled by the most exciting man I've ever met.

A smoke break and fresh inspiration wasn’t what I needed, I just needed to believe in myself and know that marijuana
is a positive substance. Whenever I doubt either, the ganja guardian angel will remind me of the truth. 
A bright parade in New York.

Always look to the bright side of the sun,

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