Friday, February 4, 2011

Trippin' Out to Ottawa

On Monday January 31st, there was a press conference at Parliament Hill for The Canadian Medicinal Cannabis Conference to address the issues about government’s different traps with medical marijuana licenses.

A video of the press conference was posted on Cannabis Culture:

My adventure begins a little before Monday. Abdul early last week suggests we rent a car and travel to Ottawa for an important protest concerning medical marijuana. Considering Monday was my day off, we seshed at 5 a.m and were on the road for 6.

For months Abdul had been raving about his friend’s conspiracy culture head shop, Crosstown Traffic. Shopping in there was the first stop we made, and my heaven on earth. Whenever you’re in Ottawa next, make sure you check out one of the locations. Mike carries everything from unique vintage bottle bongs and glass animal pipes, to old comics with matching action figures, and he sells a library of counterculture literature.  

Tokin' from a "Heinz Tomato Ketchup" bottle while
wearing Mike's gift, a Crosstown Traffic t-shirt.

On the drive up, Abdul explains a bit about each one of his friends, which he hasn’t seen in years and I will be introduced to. Abdul receives a text from Tamara to meet in the basement of a church. Looking more like a weed bizarre than a Church basement, with many patients watched demonstrations on everything involving the medical marijuana topic.
   MMAR Patients van and me immediately after
smoking a joint outside of the church
There was a large dinner event at a restaurant hosted by New Age Medical Solutions, North America’s leading producers and distributors of legal, medicinal marijuana. Across the table, activist Tamara Cartwright advises me never to wear make-up, because it’s all chemicals and she looks much younger by not using it, and Alison Myrdern, the very first woman to speak at the press conference, told me I was beautiful. Both women are very correct, for I strongly agree with them!  

Although the only thing bringing all of these great people together is our disagreements with government about marijuana laws, still being surrounded by so many activists fighting for medicinal marijuana and to end prohibition just filled my heart with love like a vapor bag, and sent it floating off like family of butterflies.  

Made especially for me, rainbow hemp
joint papers from Crosstown Traffic.

Always look to the bright side of the sun, 

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  1. from Amy, I have to agree with your new friends, you have always been beautiful, inside and out.