Friday, February 4, 2011

February 6th is Bob Marley Day

Friends at Toronto Hash Mob posted a recent event on their site, February 6th is Bob Marley Day. Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor was quoted explaining that Bob Marley’s courage to lyrically speak out against issues for oppression, poverty, slavery, and apartheid, and for this he deserves a celebration. 

In the summer I purchased another stoner's vinyl collection, including Bob Marley and The Wailers album, Kaya, at Value Village. The Jamaican word for weed is kaya, and my first name is only one letter away from spelling kaya. Thanks and Happy Bob Marley Day to the generous mystery stoner for giving away their collection, and allowing me to realize that awesome name coincidence! 

Be sure to celebrate just how Bob Marley would want you to, tons of kaya!

Always look to the bright side of the sun, 


  1. as Madd Chronic put it, Ford has put one over on the Hash Mob by subtly declaring the first rally of the year.

  2. 6th februari must be a official bob marley day every year , every one mujst know that bob marley was a real king ,