Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tons of Fun at the TY Expo!

Although it's been two weeks since the TY Expo, I had such an amazing weekend that I must post my photos from the event! By decorating the vapor lounge, I was granted access to the entire expo all weekend. 

For each table I made little purple and green weed plants with paper, placed those in decorated pots, and added bristol board and coloured markers for everyone to sign. 

The lounge was massive, but my minimal decorations added something special. This is the Medicinal Michelle clothes line I made, complete with t-shirts and fake bud.
Bong Man and I having lots of fun in the vape lounge! 

It's rare that weed and fashion moments happen in public, because people live in fear and choose not to represent cannabis because of threats from government and police. Wearing a t-shirt or a button isn't illegal, so daily I take pride in representing my medicine. At the expo many individuals from all over the world chose to represent their style creatively with a canna-twist! 
A marijuana manicure at Puff Mama's booth.
THC in a teacup!
This friendly stranger rolled this fatty to fit in his ear just for this photo! Originally he was wearing a cigarette, and I told him I would only put it on my blog if it was a joint!
Who's Puff Mama? Just ask! 
Working hard but having more fun with the ladies.

Unprocessed hemp looks exactly like my hair!
I feel like the Goddess of Hemp! 
My medicine, my choice. I choose to be silly and have fun!
A side effect of my medication should not be discrimination.
Bong toke with Tracy right outside the
Toronto Metro Convention Center! Inhaling my medicine feels
empowering when others choose to hide in private.

How can they prove the fine line between recreational and medicinal?
Bong hitting is not a crime!
 Always look to the bright side of the sun, 

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