Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let’s Keep the Joint Rolling in the Right Direction…

On Wednesday, June 22nd there will be a rally in regards to Health Canada trying to postpone the 90-day deadline on updating marijuana laws. Stand up for your rights now, don’t wait to start fighting until the good plant positively affects you, or someone you love, but the bad laws ruin your lives. Join me on Wednesday to defend the use of this perfect resource!  Meet at 10 am at Ontario Court of Appeal (130 Queen Street West, Toronto)  

The purpose of this rally is the pressure Health Canada to make easier access to medicinal marijuana quicker, because for 10 years they have been bullying patients. If they don’t significantly change, then cannabis will be legal for all resources in Ontario.

Tune into The Mernahuana Show today for a pot-pep rally. We'll discuss more details of tomorrow's protest, along with getting pumped up to face our opponent. Ra-Ra shishboom ba, we insist you change the cannabis laws!

Dressier attire for the rally is encouraged, and be sure to bring protest signs, megaphones, and your smile.  

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  1. Funny, saw your 'hero' tonight (with a very short haircut) at a local bar and he didn't even have the courtesy of saying hello. Even after an American friend and I provided help for his case. We remember that, and she's coming to town next week for Pride. Matt better beware if she runs into him.

    What's going to happen is this: if the Ontario Court of Appeal rules in his favour, there is going to be an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada on the interlocutory motion. The SCC will stay mostly likely stay the Taliano J. ruling and it will be put into the courts for at least two to three years, perhaps even bypassing the Ontario Court of Appeal with a direct appeal to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Harper and his government are going to to use their propaganda about home growing to
    end all DGs and maybe even PPLs.

    K, I adore your positive spirit, but we're not going to win this one. I've researched their strategy, had insider input from Ottawa, and I know. Get out while you can. Please.