Thursday, March 3, 2011

Elle Magazine's Bad Acid Trip

Elle Canada featured a fashion editorial called, “Fluo Punch: Happy-go-lucky brights that you on an acid trip!”

That’s a very bold statement referencing drug culture when the result of the photos reminds me nothing of an acid trip. Why would an editor approve this message when the reference falls flat, is the fashion industry slowly integrating the influence of psychedelics?

Simply, fashion is experimenting with different patterns, colours, textures, and shapes to create optical illusions. Before this trend starts to crash, I’d like to experiment with my take on acid fashion.
Zig Zag Man and I space out in high waisted hot shorts,
mary-janes, and  trippy lilac tights
This paisley ankle length skirt from Funky Junky
 is brighter than a shooting star! 
Always look to the bright side of the sun, 

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  1. Finally get a computer I can type on!!!! Great article, I love dressing like I am on an acid trip...most of my fun clothes are summer in variety, the materials don't lend to the layers required to remain warm in our fair country!!!